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Unique stays in New Zealand’s South Island

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Two Tales Cabin – Fox Glacier – South Island

Two Tales Cabin is a brand new and unique accommodation on New Zealand’s west coast at the edge of Fox Glacier Village. For those who love slow and immersive travel, these cabins take guests on a visual journey into the past, showcasing and honouring the legacy of local pioneers in aviation and mountaineering.

The ‘Cotton Candy’ cabin is a tribute to legendary aviator Jean Batten, hailed as the finest female pilot of the golden age of aviation. Batten’s remarkable achievements are beautifully captured in the cabin’s interior, inviting guests to embark on a journey that reflects her essence, personality and daring escapades. From the furnishings to the distinctive décor, the atmosphere is one of elegance and exploration.

The ‘Horace’ cabin pays homage to the story of the famous mountaineer, Horace Walker. As guests enter, they are immersed in a space that reflects their spirit of adventure, with expansive windows greeted by breathtaking views of the valley farmland stretching towards the Southern Alps where the peaks of Mount Cook and Mount Tasman stand tall.

Shortlands Station – Kakanui Range – South Island

Less than 2.5 hours drive from Queenstown, Shortlands Station is nestled at the foot of the Kakanui Ranges on a 15,000 acre working high country sheep station. The design of this peaceful and scenic retreat is inspired by the classic corrugated iron farm buildings found throughout New Zealand.

This cosy stay includes a modern kitchen and bathroom and a luxurious bedroom where guests can enjoy 360 views of the stunning mountain range and surrounding rolling hills. The accommodation also includes a cedar-fired hot tub filled with fresh mountain water while enjoying the most beautiful views of the night sky.

PurePod – Central Otago Taima and Haurapa – South Island

The PurePod concept was born out of a deep love of nature and a desire to share that love in an unforgettable and intensely personal immersion into New Zealand.

The ever-expanding PurePod network has recently opened two new pods high on the hills of Bannockburn above the Lake Dunstan Trail, overlooking the surrounding mountains, lake and vineyards. Just an hour’s drive from Queenstown and Wanaka, these pods offer an ideal vantage point to take in breathtaking sunsets and majestic mountain views. With panoramic views of the rugged landscape, guests are immersed in the tranquility of the Pisa Range. In this secluded setting, guests are encouraged to sit back and soak up the views, enjoy a glass of locally produced wine and embrace the absence of the outside world.

Each PurePod is designed for minimalist luxury and environmental sustainability. Pods are made using sustainable energy sources, such as local water reserves. The conservation and restoration of the natural environment is at the heart of PurePods, as they work with landowners who are committed to sustainability, and the commercial returns from PurePods enable them to expand their conservation activities by extending conservation agreements and reducing livestock grazing in sensitive areas.

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