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Discover Sir Richard Branson’s beloved Necker Island and the magic of a Caribbean holiday season

by yang

Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson’s famous private island paradise in the British Virgin Islands, is one of the most exclusive resorts in the world. Primarily buy-out only, Necker opens its hotel-style doors for a limited number of ‘Individual Stays’ throughout the year, allowing discerning travellers to book a single room rather than the whole island. This year, for the first time, Necker Island has added a period of Individual Stays in December to welcome couples or smaller groups of friends and families to the private island resort for a magical getaway through Christmas (or just before).

Guests can book one or more individual rooms on Necker Island between 11 and 26 December 2023. A stay on the acclaimed island has it all – white sandy beaches, luxurious accommodation, endless activities, awe-inspiring endangered wildlife and exquisite dining tailored to each guest are all included in every stay.

December individual stay itineraries:

11-20 December: All the legendary barefoot luxury experiences for which Necker has become famous are included. Wellness enthusiasts will enjoy activities such as yoga, pilates and meditation in breathtaking locations across the island. Wildlife enthusiasts can take a guided walk on the way to feed the lemurs while learning about the island’s 140 animal species and the conservation efforts to protect 70% of the world’s endangered species. Guests can spend their days enjoying world-class watersports, boat rides and the famous Necker tennis courts, before enjoying cocktails and dinner at some of the island’s most picturesque spots. You can even take a sustainability tour of the island, highlighting all of Necker’s current environmental initiatives as it strives towards 100% renewable energy.

20-26 December: Guests will find the same elements of exploration, fun and fitness on their itinerary, but with some special Necker-style moments woven throughout in honour of the Christmas holidays – gingerbread house building at The Great House, the famous Sushi Kayak, “Carol-oke”, rum tasting, Santa Claus meet and greet, Beach Olympics and maybe even a rare sighting of a Necker reindeer!

An itinerary for the kids: Each day, children gather at the Great House before a day of fun on the island with the Necker Squids Club. From wildlife interactions, pool time, tennis games and beach activities to Master Chef cookies, sushi and pirate hat making, kids will have an adventurous holiday on Necker Island. While the grown-ups can take part in all the activities they want, each day ends at 5pm for ‘Home Time’, leaving the rest of the day for the whole family to come together and bond.

Whether you choose to stay on Necker just before or during Christmas, it’s sure to be a festive season to remember. Do as little or as much as you’d like this December with an unparalleled festive getaway on Necker Island.

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