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Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort, Saint Lucia

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Nestled in St. Lucia’s breathtaking hillside, the recently renovated Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort is pleased to present an array of engaging activities specially curated for children, making every young guest feel like a true VIP. With a collection of bespoke children’s experiences, Windjammer Landing invites families to embark on a voyage of discovery, creating personalised daily itineraries that promise an unforgettable holiday for all.

The family adventure unfolds from sunrise to sunset, with a range of fun activities for children aged 4-12. Activities include…

Children’s activities during the day:

Surprise visits from Jacquot the parrot during meals

Kiddie Fruity Mocktail Mixing with expert guidance

Guided nature walks to explore the ecosystem of Labrelotte Bay

Yoga sessions, Creole dance classes and horseback riding adventures

Arts and crafts, including carnival costume making

Beach games, talent shows, pool parties and Olympics

Kids activities by night:

VIP children’s programme starts with Funatic puppet making and show

Starlit beach storytelling sessions led by Jacquot the parrot

Cosy beach movie nights with comfy pillows and blankets

Disco glow parties, limbo lessons and exciting games marathons

In-room turn-down service with warm milk, biscuits and a souvenir teddy bear. Jacquot himself reads a bedtime story with soothing night lights for a restful night’s sleep

The Kids Turn Down Service starts at $50 US per child (cookies and milk, story and tuck in by Jacquot, night light and teddy bear to take home).

The Jacquot Kids Club is closed daily from 4:30pm – 5:30pm.

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