Is Canada one of the world’s best countries for gambling tourists?

by Alice

The gaming industry will be worth a whopping $221.4 billion by 2023, and the booming sector reaches around 40 per cent of the world’s population. With more than three billion gamers worldwide, it makes sense that a burgeoning video game tourism sector is emerging.

Canada is one of the world’s leading countries in the gaming industry, and the country appeals to many people seeking video game tourism experiences.


Canada a world leader in various gaming offshoots

Several factors make Canada a dream destination for gamers. Most notably, it’s a key player in the three major offshoots of gaming, meaning that a wide range of gamers are encouraged to take a trip there.


Arguably the most thriving sector in Canada is console gaming, with some of the biggest names operating in the country. It has almost become the norm for gamers to fire up a console title and see one of the many Canadian game studios’ names flashing in the opening credits.


The North American nation has also established itself as a hub for mobile and online casino studios. The fact that players can sift through a plethora of online casino reviews to find the best site to play at shows just how booming the sector is. Players can simply choose a site based on whether it offers a deposit bonus or free spins. They can also read reviews to see what the experts have to say.

Montreal is the country’s gaming capital

Montreal is the epicentre of gaming in Canada and should be at the top of every traveller’s list. Quebec’s most populous city has been described as Canada’s Silicon Valley of gaming. There’s good reason for this reputation: It’s home to some of the world’s leading major and independent game studios.

Ubisoft Montreal is the most respected name in town, responsible for some of the biggest franchises of all time. These include the popular Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry franchises. The city is also home to a number of indie studios, including Compulsion Games and Kitfox Games. Both have been recognised for their innovative creations that have helped push the gaming industry forward.

Vancouver and Toronto are two other thriving hotspots

Vancouver and Toronto are the other major cities in Canada that are also considered to be among the world’s most thriving gaming hubs. Those travelling to the latter can witness the work of studios such as Electronic Arts and Capcom Vancouver. It’s easy to get a sense of the collaborative spirit of the gaming industry, with companies often working together on joint projects.

Toronto is known for combining its strong technology sector with a rapidly growing gaming scene. This has led to some significant advances in augmented and virtual reality gaming. Some of the major studios to check out in the city include Ubisoft Toronto and Capybara Games.

So, are you a gamer looking for the best place to go on a gaming holiday? If you want to visit some of the busiest gaming studios on the planet, Canada is the place to be.



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