British travellers opt for active and adventurous holidays

by Alice

Icelandair, Iceland’s flagship airline offering transatlantic flights, has carried out research into an exciting new trend among British holidaymakers. The research shows that almost half of Brits now prefer holidays that include outdoor and adventure activities. But which adventures are Brits most likely to pursue?

The survey of 2,000 UK holidaymakers delves into the reasons behind this growing appetite for exciting travel experiences and reveals the mental and physical benefits of adventurous pursuits.


2 in 5 UK holidaymakers prioritise adventure and outdoor activities when planning their trips, showing a significant shift towards adventure travel.


Breaking the data down further, 25% of UK travellers prefer holiday itineraries that balance relaxation with moderate to extreme activities, such as beach holidays with boat trips and visits to other areas. However, almost one in five (18%) prefer more high-octane holidays that focus on outdoor activities such as wild swimming and scuba diving.


To narrow down the top adventure options for you and your travel companion, we asked Brits what their ideal choice of activity would be when travelling abroad. The survey reveals that taking a boat trip is the most popular pastime for Brits abroad (54.45%), followed by visiting places of natural beauty (52.20%) and places of historical significance (50.67%).

2 in 5 UK travellers say adventure travel makes them more confident

To understand the reasons behind these growing holiday trends, Icelandair asked holidaymakers what they thought were the benefits of seeking out the thrills abroad.

According to the survey, increased self-confidence is the biggest benefit of taking part in adventure activities while on holiday (43%). This is followed by a sense of achievement (42%) and an overall improvement in mental health (35%).

The survey also found that over a quarter of UK participants (27%) said that taking part in adventure activities abroad allowed them to challenge their self-image and 26% said that they felt less stressed.

British women found outdoor and adventure activities particularly beneficial to their mental health.

With 59% of women and 40% of men prioritising self-care and well-being in their daily lives, the mental and physical health benefits of outdoor activities make adventure holidays ideal for wellness-minded travellers.



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