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Uganda travel guide: What to see and do

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Explore Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

In the world of mountain gorilla trekking, there are four main destinations: Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Mgahinga National Park in Uganda and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, also in Uganda. Many people who choose Uganda for gorilla trekking often miss out on exploring Bwindi Impenetrable Forest beyond the gorilla trekking experience.

Bwindi offers amazing walks through the impenetrable forest. Some parts of the forest are unexplored and therefore not open to tourism, but the accessible parts offer great birding and butterfly viewing adventures. This UNESCO World Heritage Site remains one of the top destinations in Uganda.

Discover Murchison Falls National Park

The map of Africa is dotted with a blue river that for generations has been known as the Nile. There is still an unresolved debate as to whether it is the longest river in the world, but what has been settled once and for all is that the Nile is the longest river on the African continent.

Other unresolved debates include the unresolved debate over the source of Africa’s longest river. For some, the source of the Nile is in Rwanda. For others, Burundi is the source of the Nile, while for many, Uganda is the source of the Nile.
Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the four major savannah wildlife destinations in Uganda. Like many savannah parks in Uganda, elephants, buffalo and herds of antelope grace the savannah with their presence. But it is the tree-climbing lions that make Queen Elizabeth National Park stand out.

Discover the Rwenzori Mountains

Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya are the face of mountaineering in East Africa. Thousands flock to these two destinations in an attempt to climb these two mountains. The Rwenzori Mountains are still a less popular destination with less than 7,000 people visiting throughout the year.

For those interested in a less crowded destination, Rwenzori Mountains is a highly recommended destination. Similar to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the Mountains of the Moon are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park offers both short and long treks.

Experience the cultural heritage

Uganda is a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, each with their own traditions and customs. Immerse yourself in Uganda’s vibrant culture by visiting local communities and participating in traditional ceremonies. Explore the Kasubi Tombs, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that serves as a burial ground for the kings of Buganda and offers a glimpse into the history of the kingdom.

The Ndere Cultural Centre in Kampala offers a captivating display of traditional dance and music from various ethnic groups. The experience is well worth it, as you can also sample a range of Ugandan cuisines.

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