These are officially the UK’s prettiest country pubs

by Alice

As Brits, a good old pint in the pub is in our blood. Pubs are an integral part of British heritage and culture – especially the really, really pretty ones in the countryside. No matter where you are in the UK, there’s usually a picturesque pub nearby.

But which British country pubs are officially the prettiest? To find out, house rental company Big House Experience analysed Instagram hashtag data for over 200 country pubs that have been described as ‘beautiful’ in reputable publications over the past two years.
And the winner of the most beautiful pub in the UK was, drum roll please… The Gunton Arms in Norfolk! Surrounded by vast fields of deer, the Gunton’s interior is full of beautiful dark wood and earthy decor, as well as artwork by Damien Hirst and Lucian Freud.


Second place went to The Gurnard’s Head in Cornwall, thanks to its stunning sea views of the Cornish coast, while third place went to The Punch Bowl in Cumbria, nestled in the rolling hills of the Lake District.


Here are the top ten most picturesque pubs in the UK, as voted by Big House Experience:


1.The Gunton Arms, Norfolk

2.The Gurnard’s Head, Cornwall

3.The Punch Bowl, Cumbria

4.The Drovers Inn, Loch Lomond

5.The Clachaig Inn, Argyll

6.The Lord Crewe Arms, County Durham

7.The Applecross Inn, Wester Ross

8.The Old Forge, Mallaig

9.The Lygon Arms, Worcestershire

10.The Rose Inn, Kent



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