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Singapore just voted fifth best city in the world for 2023

by yang

Singapore in the rankings… again? Believe it or not, our Lion City is small but mighty. Not only do we have two of the world’s best hotels and two of the world’s best restaurants, we’ve recently been voted one of the best countries in the world – and the second best in Asia. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve just been named the fifth best city in the world for 2023, according to a report by Resonance Consultancy.

The top four are London, Paris, New York and Tokyo. After Singapore, the other cities in this year’s top 10 list are, in order, Dubai, San Francisco, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Seoul.

According to Resonance Consultancy, hundreds of cities were considered for inclusion in the top 100 list. In addition to global statistics and user-generated ratings and reviews, three main pillars of Liveability, Lovability and Prosperity were also taken into account to generate a final Place Power score in the ranking system. Below these are a multitude of sub-factors including Sights & Landmarks, Higher Education, Google Trends, Nightlife, Poverty Rate and GDP per capita, to name a few.

Singapore ranks 2nd in the world for prosperity, 14th for friendliness and 17th for livability in the Place Power Score. In particular, we’ve been highlighted for our Bikescore (#9), Shopping (#11) and Restaurants (#14).

While there has been much debate about the price of happiness in Singapore, we can’t say we disagree that this Little Red Dot is a pretty great place to be.

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