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How to buy tickets for Schindler’s Factory in Krakow

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Best ways to get tickets for Schindler’s Factory

Given its popularity among international visitors to Krakow, it makes sense that there are a variety of ways to get tickets to the museum. Working out which is the right approach will depend on how organised you are and what else you plan to do in Krakow. Below we’ve listed where you can buy tickets for Schindler’s Factory for each option, so you can see why we recommend booking in advance and choose the option that works best for you.

1. Stand in line in person (not recommended)

Visit any popular tourist attraction and you’ll quickly learn that queuing for a ticket is no fun. Well, that’s the experience you’ll have if you wait until you arrive to buy tickets for Schindler’s Factory. As it is one of Krakow’s most internationally recognised attractions, you can expect a lot of people to want to visit. However, due to capacity restrictions at the factory, you may have to wait for the next available scheduled entry if you arrive without a ticket.

2. Book online

Booking tickets for Schindler’s Factory in advance is not only a better use of your time, it is also easy to do. By spending a little time organising your visit, you’ll be able to enter the museum exactly when you want to and have more time for sightseeing. There’s also the benefit of having a skip-the-line ticket for Schindler’s Factory, which means you can go straight into the museum without having to queue.

3. Book a guided tour (recommended)

A guided tour of Schindler’s Factory is an excellent idea for tourists who want to learn and experience as much as possible from this remarkable historical landmark. This option allows you to learn even more about this period of history from a professional guide than you would be able to by visiting Schindler’s Factory on your own.

Again, private guided tours can be booked through the official website, but we recommend you buy your tour tickets through this link. This option is cheaper for one or two people and comes with a 24 hour cancellation window.

4. Buy a Tourist Pass

A great way for tourists to save some money when sightseeing in Kraków is to buy a City Pass for their trip. The Krakow City Pass is a tourist pass that includes entry to a long list of the best tourist attractions in the city. This means that it is not only your ticket to Schindler’s Factory, but also to other attractions such as St Mary’s Church, the Old Synagogue and the Krakow Archaeological Museum. You can also choose a pass that includes free public transport, so you can get around the city as you please.

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