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Which European countries you can travel to without a test or full vaccination

by yang

Travelling to Europe is finally starting to look like something close to normal again. The number of countries that have lifted all covide-related entry restrictions is growing, and many are also dropping domestic rules on masks and social distancing. Here are all the destinations that now offer hassle-free travel. The question is, where next?


Austria is one of the latest countries to abolish its entry requirements. As of 16 May, no proof of vaccination, convalescence or a negative test is required to visit the historic green capital of Vienna. The pre-travel clearance form is also no longer required. This follows the removal of national regulations, including the need to wear a face mask in public places.


From 23 May, visitors to Belgium won’t need to complete a Passenger Location Form (PLF) or show a Covid-19 to enter the country famous for its beer and chocolate. You’ll also no longer need to wear a mask anywhere once you’re there, except in healthcare facilities.

About Bulgaria

Bulgaria has been welcoming travellers since the beginning of May. No covid documents are required, a statement from the republic’s foreign ministry confirmed, leaving everyone free to enjoy Bulgaria’s varied topography – from the mountains to the beautiful beaches of the Black Sea coast. Masks are also no longer compulsory.

Czech Republic

After again tightening the testing requirements for foreign arrivals in December at the height of Omicron, the Czech Republic has removed all Covid-related entry requirements for international arrivals on 9 April 2022. It’s no longer necessary to wear a face mask in most public places – the main exceptions are public transport and taxis.


Thanks to the country’s high vaccination rate, Denmark was the first EU country to lift all domestic covid restrictions at the beginning of February. This was followed by the removal of all entry requirements for international arrivals on 29 March 2022 (prior to this, testing requirements only applied to arrivals from outside the EU and Schengen area).

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