Western Australia launches Muslim guide for travellers

by Alice

Tourism Western Australia (TWA) has launched a new Muslim Travel Guide that includes listings and introductions to halal eateries, mosques and accessible Muslim-friendly spaces and facilities to help Muslims explore the vast state.

Available in both English and Malay, the guide also showcases Western Australia’s natural attractions, extensive fringing coral reefs, rich Aboriginal culture and thriving food scene. It also contains a wealth of comprehensive information, including travel guidelines on everything from getting there to driving and public transport.


Commenting on the new initiative, Ava Ang, TWA’s Country Manager for Singapore and Malaysia, said: “Western Australia is a diverse and inclusive state that offers a warm welcome to the growing number of Muslim travellers in the region. We know that Muslims need to plan their trips carefully, so this guide has been designed to do the hard work for them and provide an easy reference tool that caters to their particular preferences and needs, while inspiring them to explore the wonders of the state”.


The resource will prove invaluable not only to Muslim travellers, but also to non-Muslims planning their trip to Western Australia.




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