Greek Bars Accused of Re-Selling Unfinished Drinks to Tourists Prompting Police Raids

by Holly

A number of bars on a popular Greek party island have come under scrutiny for allegedly re-selling unfinished drinks to tourists, raising concerns over tainted alcohol. These disturbing revelations have surfaced following a series of police raids aimed at addressing claims of tainted alcohol and uncovering substantial undeclared revenue, totaling hundreds of thousands of euros.

The targeted establishments, situated in Kavos on the picturesque island of Corfu, found themselves at the center of these investigative efforts led by the Greek customs and revenue authority, AADE. Suspicion had arisen that these businesses were not only evading taxes but also potentially tampering with the alcohol served within the budget-friendly and well-frequented tourist bars.


Local law enforcement officials and tax auditors discovered that 26 businesses had withheld receipts amounting to over a quarter of a million euros (approximately $485,000). Disturbingly, alcohol stocks were discovered without proper accounting and lacked lot numbers. Furthermore, the businesses had failed to pay the requisite duties on these beverages, leading authorities to speculate that the drinks might have been illicitly manufactured or smuggled onto the island.


As part of their investigation, samples from eight bars were sent for laboratory testing. Subsequently, fines were imposed, and the implicated businesses were temporarily shuttered for 48 hours.


According to reports from Greek news service AMNA, a total of 28 bars faced temporary closures in the wake of the raids, which occurred between August 30th and September 1st. It was revealed that certain unmarked barrels contained what could only be described as ‘recycled’ alcohol, presumably left behind by patrons.

The investigations come in the aftermath of the tragic death of a British tourist, Hannah Bryne, in Kavos. The 22-year-old police officer passed away under suspicious circumstances involving tainted alcohol, less than 12 hours after her arrival at the seaside resort. Her lifeless body was discovered in the early hours of a Friday morning the previous week, following a minor fall.

The Chief Medical Officer, Yannis Aivatidis, expressed concerns about the presence of alcohol on the victim’s breath, raising questions about the nature of the alcohol she had consumed. “Were the alcoholic drinks tampered with illicitly? Could methanol have contributed to her extreme intoxication?” Aivatidis inquired during an interview with local news outlets. A toxicology report is currently underway to determine whether tainted alcohol played a role in the tragic death of the young tourist.

Kavos, situated on the southernmost beach of Corfu, primarily attracts young holidaymakers from the United Kingdom, Germany, and Northern Europe, who are drawn to its offerings of sunshine, affordable drinks, and a reputation for 24-hour partying.



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