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Vietjet Announces Seat Sale Offering “Free” Flights to Vietnam, with a Catch for NZ Travelers

by Holly

Vietjet, the airline known for its budget-friendly fares, has unveiled an enticing offer for travel enthusiasts. As part of the VietJet 9.9 (September 9) sale, the airline is providing passengers with the chance to book “free” flights to Vietnam, encompassing both domestic and international routes. The booking window for these remarkable deals opens this Saturday.

However, New Zealand travelers should take note of a couple of important details.

First and foremost, the advertised ticket price during this sale is a tempting zero dollars, but passengers must be prepared to cover associated surcharges and taxes. The anticipated airline tax for these seemingly “free flights” departing from Melbourne and Sydney is approximately $180.

Secondly, for travelers departing from New Zealand, it’s essential to arrange a layover. The routes to Vietnam are exclusively accessible through transit points in Australia, India, Kazakhstan, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia. This arrangement is consistent with the current norm, as there are presently no direct flight routes from New Zealand to Vietnam, with layovers typically situated in Australia. Nevertheless, some New Zealand flights collaborate with foreign carriers to streamline the layover experience.

Prospective passengers interested in securing these attractive fares need not enter a discount code or voucher during the ticket purchase process. The sale prices will be automatically applied through the airline’s website or mobile app at the time of checkout. Availability for these discounted fares will be limited, and the travel window for eligible flights spans from September 18 to March 31.

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