G20 Travel Guidelines: Navigating New Delhi During the Summit

by Holly

As New Delhi prepares to host the upcoming G20 Summit, officials have issued a series of advisories outlining restrictions and traffic regulations in the city. The event is set to attract high-profile dignitaries from around the world, prompting authorities to implement specific traffic measures from September 7 to 11. Additionally, several commercial establishments, including malls and markets, will remain closed during this period.

It’s important to note that areas falling outside the jurisdiction of the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) will not experience traffic disruptions. However, the National Highway 48 (NH-48) is expected to be affected, according to the Delhi Traffic Police.


In a press release, the Delhi Traffic Police assured that arrangements have been made to ensure uninterrupted Metro services and that various modes of public transport will be available, albeit with certain restrictions.


Travelers planning to access the Indira Gandhi International Airport and the New Delhi Railway Station between the specified dates are advised to plan their journeys in advance.


The Delhi Airport, in a tweet posted on Monday, issued a travel advisory effective until September 10, encouraging passengers to utilize Metro services to and from the airport. Those opting for road travel should anticipate longer commute times.

Furthermore, the traffic police clarified that the movement of passengers to airports, railway stations, and bus terminals will be facilitated during the summit. They emphasized that bona fide residents and authorized vehicles will be permitted to navigate within the New Delhi District.



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