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Popular Independent Travel Company Reopens Horsham High Street Branch

by Holly

Horsham’s bustling high street welcomes back a familiar face as the popular independent travel company, Flight Centre, reopens its branch to eager travelers. Situated on Horsham’s prominent shopping avenue and operating five days a week, this store is set to become Horsham’s ultimate destination for booking package holidays and receiving expert travel advice from Flight Centre’s seasoned team.

The reopening signifies Flight Centre’s ongoing success in the UK, as the company extends its footprint in the southeast of England. The newly revived branch is under the capable management of Rachel Mason-Smith, a seasoned travel advisor with an impressive 12-year tenure at Flight Centre, previously hailing from the company’s Brighton branch down the road.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Mason-Smith stated, “We are over the moon to be reopening our doors in Horsham and cannot wait to engage in conversations about all things related to holidays with both our loyal and new customers. The reopening promises to invigorate trade in Horsham’s central shopping district and offers a valuable option for local residents seeking to plan their much-needed getaways.”

Initially, the store will operate with a small team, comprising Mason-Smith and three travel experts, with plans for expansion as business grows. Mason-Smith extends a warm invitation to locals, saying, “If you’re in the local area, pop in and say hello!”

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