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Europe Faces Travel Disruptions: Strikes in September and October Impacting Flights and Trains

by Holly

Amidst growing dissatisfaction among employees regarding rising inflation and stagnant wages, Europe is currently experiencing a wave of strikes that could disrupt travel plans across the continent.

Travelers are urged to remain vigilant and informed about potential walkouts, as these strikes can lead to flight cancellations and train delays. To help you stay updated, we’ve compiled strike-related information below.

Read on to discover when and where these walkouts are scheduled, and remember that if your flight or train is affected, you may be entitled to compensation or a new ticket. Refer to our guide for comprehensive details on your rights.

France: Air Traffic Controllers Union Announces September and October Strikes

France’s largest union for air traffic controllers, SNCTA, has called for nationwide strikes on two key dates: September 15 and October 13.

The timing of the first strike, on September 15, coincides with the Rugby World Cup, which is expected to attract thousands of visitors to the country. The union has criticized the civil aviation authority (Direction générale de l’Aviation civile, DGAC) for its perceived inaction in addressing the surging inflation.

These strikes may lead to widespread flight cancellations and could impact flights from other countries that traverse French airspace.

Paris Metro Threatens Strikes During Rugby World Cup

During the Rugby World Cup, taking place from September 8 to October 28 at Stade de France, Saint-Denis, Paris Metro workers are contemplating strike action.

While train drivers are set to receive a bonus for their increased services during the event, station staff have not been offered additional compensation. Members of the FO-RATP trade union, representing public transport workers in Paris, have raised the possibility of a walkout, although negotiations are ongoing.

Italy: Airport Strikes in September Create Potential Chaos

On September 8, ground staff at airports throughout Italy are scheduled to participate in a 24-hour walkout. The FLAI Trasporti union, representing baggage handlers, is expected to join the strike.

The extent of disruption remains uncertain, as the number of participating workers is still undetermined. Another 24-hour strike by baggage handlers at airports across the country is planned for September 29.

Air Traffic Control Strikes Loom in Italy

On September 16, air traffic controllers at airports across Italy intend to stage an eight-hour strike from 10 am to 6 pm. Some flights will be protected during these strikes, with Italy’s civil aviation authority (ENAC) releasing a list of guaranteed flights a few days prior to the strike.

Flights scheduled to depart before 10 am and after 6 pm are expected to proceed as scheduled, though some residual impacts may be felt.

England: Wizz Air Ground Handlers Announce Strikes at Luton Airport

Ground handling staff at Luton Airport have called for 24-hour strikes on September 6 and September 13. These strikes are expected to cause significant disruptions for Wizz Air passengers, according to the Unite union.

The employees of the airline’s ground handler, GH London, are striking in protest of poor working conditions and perceived unfair treatment.

Rail Strikes Across the UK

The UK’s largest rail union, RMT, has declared fresh train strikes set for September 2. These actions are part of an ongoing series of industrial actions led by various rail trade unions, primarily focused on issues such as pay, working conditions, and job security.

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