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The Best Time to Visit Ubatuba and What to Expect

by Holly

Ubatuba, a coastal gem located in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, is renowned for its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant culture. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a beach lover, or a history buff, Ubatuba offers something for everyone. To make the most of your trip, it’s crucial to understand the best time to visit and what to expect during different seasons. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the ideal times to explore Ubatuba and the experiences you can look forward to throughout the year.

Choosing the Right Season

Ubatuba enjoys a tropical climate, but it experiences distinct seasons that can impact your travel experience. Here’s a breakdown of the different seasons and what they offer:

1. Summer (December to February): Best for Beach Lovers and Water Activities

Summer in Ubatuba is peak tourist season, and for good reason. With average temperatures hovering around 28-30°C (82-86°F), it’s the ideal time for sunbathing, swimming, and engaging in water sports. The crystal-clear waters and numerous beaches, such as Praia Grande and Itamambuca, come alive with visitors and beachside vendors offering fresh coconut water and snacks.

What to Expect:

  • Crowded beaches and accommodations.
  • Vibrant nightlife with open-air bars and beach parties.
  • Ideal conditions for surfing, snorkeling, and paddleboarding.
  • Advance reservations are recommended.

2. Fall (March to May): Best for Tranquility and Mild Weather

As summer fades into fall, Ubatuba experiences a quieter atmosphere. The temperatures remain pleasant, ranging from 25-28°C (77-82°F), making it an excellent time to explore the town and its attractions without the bustling crowds. The beaches are still inviting, and outdoor activities are enjoyable.

What to Expect:

  • Less crowded beaches and lower accommodation rates.
  • Comfortable weather for hiking and exploring the rainforests.
  • Ideal for those seeking a more relaxed vacation experience.

3. Winter (June to August): Best for Nature Enthusiasts and Rainforest Adventures

Ubatuba’s winter may not be traditional beach weather, but it offers a unique experience for nature lovers. The temperatures range from 17-23°C (63-73°F), creating an ideal environment for exploring the lush rainforests and hiking trails. The occasional rain showers add to the region’s natural beauty.

What to Expect:

  • Fewer tourists, making it a tranquil time to visit.
  • Great for hiking, birdwatching, and exploring waterfalls.
  • Rainforest flora is in full bloom, providing fantastic photo opportunities.

4. Spring (September to November): Best for a Balance of Weather and Activities

Spring is a fantastic time to visit Ubatuba, as the weather starts to warm up, but the crowds remain manageable. Temperatures range from 22-27°C (72-81°F), making it suitable for both outdoor activities and beach relaxation. It’s a time of renewal, with the rainforest displaying vibrant foliage.

What to Expect:

  • Pleasant weather for outdoor activities and beachgoing.
  • Increasing availability of accommodations as the peak season approaches.
  • A mix of visitors seeking relaxation and adventure.

Festivals and Events

To enhance your Ubatuba experience, consider timing your visit with local festivals and events. Some notable ones include:

1. Ubatuba Carnival (February/March)

If you’re visiting during February or March, don’t miss the Ubatuba Carnival. It’s a vibrant celebration filled with samba parades, colorful costumes, and lively street parties. The entire town comes alive with music and dance.

2. Ubatuba Surf Pro (November/December)

For surfing enthusiasts, the Ubatuba Surf Pro is a major event that attracts international surfers. Witness thrilling surf competitions and immerse yourself in the surf culture that Ubatuba is known for.

3. Ubatuba Praia Festival (Year-round)

Throughout the year, Ubatuba hosts various beach-related festivals, showcasing the town’s cultural diversity. These festivals feature live music, dance performances, and traditional food stalls.

Wildlife Encounters

Ubatuba is nestled within the Atlantic Rainforest, one of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems. Depending on the season of your visit, you can encounter different wildlife spectacles:

1. Turtle Nesting (September to March)

Ubatuba’s beaches are nesting grounds for various sea turtle species, including the endangered loggerhead and green turtles. Witnessing these majestic creatures lay their eggs and hatchlings making their way to the sea is a remarkable experience.

2. Birdwatching (Year-round)

Birdwatchers will delight in Ubatuba’s avian diversity. The rainforests and coastal areas are home to over 600 bird species, making it a year-round birdwatching paradise. Some highlights include toucans, parrots, and the rare red-browed Amazon.

3. Whale Watching (June to October)

During the winter months, Ubatuba becomes a prime location for whale watching. Humpback whales migrate to the area, and you can embark on boat tours to witness these magnificent creatures breaching and playing in the waters.

Outdoor Activities

Ubatuba’s natural beauty offers a plethora of outdoor activities for adventure seekers:

1. Hiking and Trekking

Explore the numerous trails in the Serra do Mar State Park, leading you through dense rainforests to pristine waterfalls and panoramic viewpoints. Popular trails include the Pico do Corcovado and Praia do Bonete hikes.

2. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

The region’s crystal-clear waters make it a prime location for scuba diving and snorkeling. Discover vibrant coral reefs, shipwrecks, and a diverse range of marine life.

3. Surfing

Ubatuba is often referred to as the “Brazilian Surf Capital.” With over 100 beaches, it offers fantastic surf conditions for all levels of surfers. The waves in Itamambuca and Felix are particularly famous.

Accommodation Options

Ubatuba offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit various budgets and preferences. These include:

1. Beachfront Resorts and Hotels

For a luxurious experience, consider staying at one of the beachfront resorts or hotels. Enjoy breathtaking ocean views, direct beach access, and top-notch amenities.

2. Vacation Rentals and Apartments

If you prefer a more independent stay, vacation rentals and apartments are readily available. They provide a home-like atmosphere and the flexibility to cook your meals.

3. Hostels and Guesthouses

Budget-conscious travelers can find affordable hostels and guesthouses in Ubatuba. These options often provide a communal atmosphere, making it easy to meet fellow travelers.

Local Cuisine

Don’t leave Ubatuba without sampling its delicious cuisine. Seafood is a highlight, with dishes like moqueca (fish stew) and camarão na moranga (shrimp served in a pumpkin). You can also find an array of international and Brazilian restaurants serving diverse culinary delights.


Ubatuba, with its natural beauty, cultural richness, and outdoor adventures, is a year-round destination. Your choice of when to visit depends on your preferences and the experiences you seek. Whether you’re basking on the beaches of Praia Vermelha do Sul in summer or hiking through the rainforests of Pico do Corcovado in winter, Ubatuba promises a memorable journey. So, plan your trip wisely, immerse yourself in the beauty of this coastal paradise, and create lasting memories in Ubatuba.

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