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Canada Issues Updated Travel Advisory for US Travelers

by Holly

As of August 29, 2023, Canada has released important updates regarding its travel advisory for citizens planning trips to the United States. The advisory offers essential information for individuals preparing to travel to the US, including key entry and exit requirements, as well as the latest developments concerning Hurricane Idalia. Here are the highlights of the recent updates:

Hurricane Idalia Impact: Travelers are strongly advised to avoid the east and west coasts of Florida due to the ongoing and life-threatening Hurricane Idalia. The advisory specifically cautions against travel to the east coast spanning from the mouth of the St. Mary’s River to Edisto Beach in Georgia. Similarly, it recommends avoiding the west coast area from Indian Pass to Longboat Key.

LGBT Travel Warning: Canada’s updated travel advisory includes a travel warning for LGBT travelers within certain states of the United States. The advisory notes that laws and regulations in some states may pose challenges for the travel experiences of individuals identifying as 2SLGBTQI+. Certain states have enacted laws that prohibit activities such as drag shows, as reported by CBC News.

US-Mexico Border Crossing: For those planning to cross the US-Mexico border by car, the advisory offers several important points to consider. Travelers are advised to exercise extreme vigilance throughout their journey and to avoid traveling at night. Using officially recognized border crossings is strongly recommended.

Proof of Canadian Citizenship: To enter the United States, individuals must provide proof of their Canadian citizenship. This can be achieved by presenting a valid passport or a valid NEXUS card. For NEXUS cardholders, self-serve kiosks at designated airports can be utilized for processing.

Duration of Stay: According to the travel advisory, Canadian citizens can stay in the US for up to 6 months without the need for a visa. However, it is crucial to specify the intended duration of stay upon entry into the country.

Visa Requirements for Study and Exchange Programs: Canadian citizens are not required to obtain visas for studying or participating in exchange programs in the US. To do so, individuals must register with the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and provide this information upon entry to the US.

In a nutshell, Canada’s updated travel advisory serves as a comprehensive guide for its citizens traveling to the United States, ensuring they are well-informed and prepared for their journeys.

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