Positive Developments in Tenerife Wildfire Containment Bring Hope for Affected Areas

by Holly

A potential decision regarding the re-entry of residents into fire-affected zones of Tenerife could materialize today, as firefighting efforts show signs of improvement.

The Tenerife Tourism Corporation issued an update reporting a positive shift in the battle against the wildfires on Sunday night. This change in circumstances offers a more favorable outlook, even though the gravity of the ongoing situation is not being understated.


According to the statement, a total of 275 firefighters have successfully managed to divert the fire away from the boundary region between woodland and urban areas. The authorities are now on the brink of making a determination about permitting certain residents from La Esperanza, El Rosario, and Arafo to return to their homes.


Despite these positive developments, the wildfire has already impacted a substantial area, scorching 13,383 hectares across 12 municipalities on the largest of the Canary Islands.


Roadways into the mountainous areas remain inaccessible, including routes leading to Teide National Park from both the northern and southern parts of the island.

The tourism corporation emphasizes the significance of not obstructing professional firefighters’ operations by refraining from approaching the fire’s perimeter.

The regional government has indicated that air quality indexes are unfavorable in municipalities closest to the fire. The extent of this impact fluctuates depending on wind patterns, thus prompting the advice for individuals to closely follow authorities’ recommendations.

In reassurance, the organization underscores that all major cities and tourist hotspots on the island continue to operate under normal conditions. Daily life remains unaffected in areas like Santa Cruz, La Laguna, Arona, Adeje, Santiago del Teide, Guía de Isora, San Miguel de Abona, and Puerto de la Cruz.

Port and airport operations maintain their regularity without disruptions or cancellations attributed to the fire. Road traffic is largely unaffected, except for closures imposed on routes leading to mountainous zones.

Appreciation is expressed for the exemplary conduct of both local residents and the over 130,000 tourists currently present on an island inhabited by 931,626 people. These individuals have dutifully followed authorities’ instructions throughout this challenging period.



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