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Dubai Police Issues Travel Advisory Regarding Transport of Prohibited Items

by Holly

In an effort to mitigate potential safety risks, Dubai Police has released an official advisory cautioning travelers against carrying items that are deemed prohibited.

The advisory, disseminated on Twitter this Monday, emphasizes the importance of prioritizing safety during journeys by refraining from transporting items that are restricted. The social media post stated, “To ensure safer travels, it is crucial to avoid transporting prohibited items due to the inherent hazards they pose to your personal safety and the safety of those in your vicinity.”

The list of prohibited items includes:

Weapons and sharp implements
Liquids surpassing the 100 milliliter limit
Lithium batteries
Alcoholic substances
Inflammable materials
Compressed gases
Just last month, Emirates, the renowned airline, unveiled its comprehensive plan to operate an impressive tally of 24,000 flights over the course of the summer season. As the company gears up for this bustling travel period, it is working in close coordination with its ground handling partners across 129 airports globally. This concerted effort ensures that all partners are well-versed in the latest operational requisites and are fully equipped to facilitate seamless movement of passengers.

Notably, Emirates has engaged in a collaborative process with other pertinent entities at Dubai Airport. This collaboration has been instrumental in fortifying its flight schedule and services, encompassing the allocation of supplementary resources to ensure the hub’s operational efficiency. These provisions also extend to transit passengers, reinforcing the airport’s commitment to maintaining smooth operations.

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