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5 Affordable Destinations in South America for September

by Holly

As the summer months transition into autumn, South America beckons travelers with its diverse landscapes, rich cultures, and captivating history. For budget-conscious wanderers, September presents an opportune time to explore the continent without breaking the bank. In this article, we unveil the hidden gems and wallet-friendly destinations that make South America a budget traveler’s paradise during this transitional month.

The Charms of September: A Glimpse into South America’s Climate

September marks the end of the peak tourist season in South America, as the crowds that flock to popular destinations during the summer months begin to thin out. This presents a unique advantage for budget travelers, as accommodation prices tend to decrease, and attractions are less crowded. Additionally, weather conditions in many regions remain pleasant, making it an ideal time for sightseeing, outdoor adventures, and cultural immersion.

Unveiling the Affordable: Where to Travel in September

1. Peru: Cusco and the Sacred Valley

Peru, home to the iconic Machu Picchu, offers a captivating blend of history, nature, and culture. In September, the dry season is in full swing, presenting comfortable temperatures and clear skies. Cusco and the Sacred Valley provide an authentic Peruvian experience without straining your budget. Explore ancient ruins, vibrant markets, and the enchanting city of Cusco itself. Consider hiking lesser-known trails such as the Lares Trek for an off-the-beaten-path adventure.

2. Colombia: Medellín and Coffee Region

Colombia’s transformation in recent years has put it on the travel map as a budget-friendly and vibrant destination. September offers mild temperatures, making it a perfect time to explore cities like Medellín. The City of Eternal Spring comes alive with festivals and events during this period. Venture into the Coffee Region, where you can savor some of the world’s best coffee, discover charming towns, and relish stunning landscapes.

3. Bolivia: La Paz and Uyuni

Bolivia’s diverse geography and rich indigenous culture make it an intriguing destination for budget travelers. September signals the end of the cold and dry winter, making it an optimal time to explore. In La Paz, explore the bustling markets and take in the breathtaking views from the city’s high-altitude vantage points. Journey to the otherworldly Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, for a surreal experience that won’t break the bank.

4. Ecuador: Quito and the Galápagos Islands

Ecuador’s capital, Quito, boasts a well-preserved historic center and a lively atmosphere. September offers mild weather, allowing you to explore the city’s architectural gems, vibrant markets, and nearby natural wonders. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider a budget-friendly trip to the Galápagos Islands. Take advantage of last-minute cruise deals and discover the unique wildlife that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

5. Argentina: Buenos Aires and Mendoza

While Argentina’s weather is starting to warm up in September, it’s still an excellent time to visit before the summer crowds arrive. Buenos Aires, known for its tango culture and European-inspired architecture, offers an array of free or affordable attractions. For wine enthusiasts, the wine-producing region of Mendoza provides a budget-friendly alternative to Napa Valley. Enjoy wine tastings, explore vineyards, and take in the stunning Andean landscapes.

Tips for Budget Travel in September

1. Flexibility with Travel Dates

Being flexible with your travel dates can lead to significant savings on flights and accommodations. Midweek flights and off-peak travel times tend to be more affordable.

2. Local Cuisine and Street Food

Sampling local cuisine and street food not only provides an authentic culinary experience but is also budget-friendly. Seek out local markets and eateries for delicious meals at lower prices.

3. Public Transportation and Walking Tours

Utilize public transportation, such as buses and metro systems, to get around cities. Many cities also offer free or low-cost walking tours, which provide valuable insights into the local culture and history.

4. Hostels and Guesthouses

Consider staying in hostels or guesthouses, which often offer budget-friendly accommodations and the chance to connect with fellow travelers.

5. Research Attractions and Discounts

Research attractions in advance and look for any discounts, deals, or free entry days. Many museums and attractions offer reduced prices or free entry on certain days of the week.


September in South America presents a golden opportunity for budget-conscious travelers to explore the continent’s diverse offerings without straining their wallets. From the ancient ruins of Peru to the bustling streets of Colombia and the surreal landscapes of Bolivia, the options are abundant and varied. By taking advantage of the favorable weather, reduced crowds, and budget-friendly activities, adventurers can create unforgettable memories while embracing the unique charm of South America in September.

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