Summer Travel Season Begins Calmly in South Bay

by Alice

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Memorial Day weekend has kicked off the summer travel season, with AAA projecting that 44 million people will travel across the country by car and air.

While San Jose Mineta International Airport remained relatively calm, the roads were expected to see increased traffic. Law enforcement officials have increased patrols to ensure driver safety.


“Every holiday period, we deploy all available officers to look for impaired and unsafe drivers,” said Arturo Montiel of the California Highway Patrol (CHP).


The CHP has intensified patrols across the Bay Area, with AAA estimating that nearly 40 million people will travel by car for the holiday. Authorities are urging drivers to adhere to traffic laws.


“It might be legal, but you cannot drive under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or any other substance,” Montiel added.

San Jose Police responded to a fatal traffic accident on Montague Expressway and O’Toole Ave on Monday afternoon. One driver suffered major injuries, and another was pronounced dead at the scene. Police have not yet determined if alcohol or drugs were involved.

Meanwhile, passengers arriving at the San Jose airport reported smooth air travel experiences.

“Our plane was delayed about 40 minutes, but we anticipated it being busy, so we got there early, and it was fine,” said Lori from San Jose.

“I was reluctant to travel to Las Vegas because of the Memorial Day crowds, but it was busy, and I had a great time,” said Ilbra from San Jose.

Other travelers reported trouble-free flights, enhancing their travel experiences.

“I had no problem. It was great. There’s usually a lot of traffic to LAX, but it was very easy, and the bags were already out when we arrived, which was impressive,” said Henry Siegel from Stanford.

“We always plan ahead, making sure everything is lined up and that our Uber is coming,” said Nelly Suissa from San Carlos.

The CHP will continue to monitor the roads with additional patrols until midnight.



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