Couple Quits Jobs, Pulls Kids Out of School to Travel the World

by Alice

Balancing a career and a passion for travel is a challenge many face. Some, like Tiffany and Mark Baker, choose to leave their daily jobs to pursue their travel dreams. The Bakers, who both worked in finance, decided in 2019 to quit their jobs and travel the world with their three daughters.

Tiffany, 38, and Mark, 40, embarked on their global journey with their daughters Giuletta, 9, Penelope, 7, and Delia, 6. They withdrew their children from school to homeschool them, allowing for unrestricted travel.


Since then, the family has traveled extensively, completing a month-long sea voyage and visiting 21 countries and 50 ports, including Australia, Spain, Africa, and Singapore.


Tiffany explained their decision, citing dissatisfaction with the work-life balance and the constraints of requesting time off for trips. “We left our jobs and took the children out of school to fulfill our dreams. We teach the children at home ourselves,” she said.


To fund their travels, the Bakers ventured into real estate, selling 50 houses over the past five years. They also earn income by renting out properties they sold, generating around Rs 16 lakh per month.

Currently, the family is planning their next adventure. In December, they will visit Prague, Czech Republic, to experience the Christmas market, followed by a trip to France and a cruise. The entire journey will cost Rs 56 lakh, covering food, drinks, and accommodations. Mark mentioned, “We worked hard continuously for 12 months to complete our foreign travel plan.”



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