Bark Air: The Luxury Airline for Dogs with $8,000 Tickets

by Alice

Air travel has taken a luxurious turn for our furry friends with the launch of Bark Air, a new airline exclusively designed for dogs.

Bark Air recently completed its inaugural flight from New York to Los Angeles, offering a unique experience tailored entirely for canine companions.


Currently, Bark Air operates on limited routes, serving New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and London. The airline encourages passengers to suggest future routes through an online form. Prices for one-way tickets start at $6,000 for flights between New York and Los Angeles, and $8,000 for flights between New York and London. Departing from a private airport in Westchester County, Bark Air flies to the Van Nuys airport outside Los Angeles.


CEO Matt Meeker expressed excitement about creating an experience that prioritizes dogs, emphasizing a departure from merely accommodating them. Bark Air is an extension of the Bark company, known for its popular Bark Box subscription for dogs. The company’s portfolio includes dental products, food, accessories, and now, an airline.


Nearly half of Bark Air’s June flights from New York to LA have already sold out, indicating a high demand for this unique service. Passengers booking flights are required to provide information about their dogs, including name, breed, size, age, and weight.

Bark Air offers special amenities for dogs, including a concierge to welcome them onto the plane before departure, assisting with flight preparations to acclimate to the aircraft with special scents, music, and colors. Dogs are provided special beverages during departure to help their ears adjust to the altitude. Throughout the flight, canine passengers are treated to surprises and snacks.

Traveling with pets requires extra preparation, and experts recommend ensuring pets are up-to-date on vaccinations and properly tagged or microchipped. Bark Air aims to provide a luxurious and comfortable travel experience for dogs and their owners alike.



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