Record-Setting Memorial Day Weekend Travel Forecasted by AAA

by Alice

According to AAA, nearly 44 million Americans are anticipated to embark on journeys this Memorial Day weekend, marking what could be a record-breaking period for travel.

This surge in travel activity signals the commencement of what is expected to be a bustling and demanding summer travel season.


Travel experts anticipate a significant uptick in activity, projecting this weekend to be the busiest in almost two decades.


For air travelers, heightened activity is expected, with the Federal Aviation Administration forecasting the most-traveled Memorial Day weekend in 14 years, boasting nearly 54,000 flights departing on Thursday alone.


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) anticipates screening approximately 3 million people on Friday, indicating a robust level of air travel.

Additionally, roadways are likely to experience congestion, with AAA reporting that over 38 million individuals are opting for car travel this weekend, marking a record high since tracking began in 2000.

Cities experiencing heightened rental car demand include Orlando, Denver, Atlanta, Boston, and Las Vegas, with Thursday and Friday emerging as the busiest rental pick-up days, as reported by Hertz.

Despite the surge in travel, recent government data suggests favorable pricing for travelers, with airfares, hotels, and rental cars showing decreases from last April. However, the average nationwide gas price is seven cents higher compared to the previous year.

Looking ahead, the summer travel outlook remains robust, with Airlines for America projecting a staggering 271 million travelers flying between June 1 and Aug. 31, surpassing the record set during the previous summer.



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