Jägermeister Targets Global Travel Retail Expansion

by Alice

Jägermeister is accelerating its global expansion in travel retail, according to Tobias Witte, Vice President of Global Travel Retail. “We have been in an expansion phase for the last four years, bringing in new customers with our growing assortment, and so far, it has been very successful,” Witte told The Drinks Business.

This year marked the global launch of Teremana Tequila, following Jägermeister’s acquisition of a stake in the brand. The joint venture, involving the Lopez family, Dwayne Johnson, and Jägermeister, signifies a major strategic move for the company.


Jägermeister’s expansion plans had previously been constrained by production limitations in North America. “For the last two years, we faced production limitations in North America, but now with our own facilities and distillery, we are poised for expansion,” Witte explained.


Francois Picquot, Jägermeister’s Director of Customer Development for Global Travel Retail, emphasized the company’s focus on entering the global travel retail market. “Launching into travel retail globally has been the focus,” Picquot stated.


Witte outlined the company’s immediate plans, stating, “We are expanding globally in travel retail, targeting markets in Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and potentially more in the coming years.”

Adding to this momentum, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson announced that Teremana Tequila will launch in five international markets this year, alongside new travel retail locations.



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