Tripadvisor Unveils Top Summer Travel Destinations for 2024

by Alice

For those seeking summer travel inspiration, Tripadvisor’s Summer Travel Index offers a comprehensive guide to the most sought-after destinations both domestically and internationally. Whether it’s a beach retreat, cultural exploration, or adrenaline-pumping adventure, travelers can find their ideal getaway.

Despite concerns about costs, Americans and global travelers are gearing up for a summer of exploration, with plans to match or even surpass last year’s travel activity.


For those staying within the United States, Tripadvisor highlights the following top five domestic destinations:


Las Vegas, Nevada


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Orlando, Florida

Honolulu, Hawaii

New York City

Internationally, U.S. travelers are drawn to these top five destinations:

Cancun, Mexico

London, England

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Paris, France

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

In addition to these perennial favorites, travelers seeking off-the-beaten-path experiences can explore the fastest-growing domestic destinations, which include Yosemite National Park in California, Sandusky in Ohio, and Mackinac Island in Michigan. Several Florida communities, such as Santa Rosa Beach and Fort Myers Beach, also make the list, alongside Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

For international adventures, U.S. travelers are venturing to destinations like Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as European gems like Puerto Rico in Spain and Peru in South America. The Maldives also feature prominently, with destinations like Iru-fushi, Male, and Fasmendhoo capturing travelers’ interest.

With options ranging from iconic cities to natural wonders, Tripadvisor’s Summer Travel Index provides a roadmap for unforgettable summer adventures, catering to every traveler’s interests and preferences.



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