New Law Mandates Transparent Cruise Pricing in California

by Alice

California is set to enforce a new law effective July 1, compelling cruise lines to provide more transparent pricing by incorporating additional expenses such as taxes and port fees into the advertised fares.

Dubbed the “Honest Pricing Law,” the legislation mandates that businesses, including cruise lines, cannot advertise prices without including nearly all requisite fees or charges, as outlined by the California Department of Justice.


California Attorney General Rob Bonta emphasized the importance of clear and honest communication with consumers regarding pricing, stating, “The law is simple: the price you see is the price you pay.”


This legislation impacts major cruise operators such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, and Princess Cruises, requiring them to integrate the costs of port expenses, taxes, and other fees into the listed price, which can amount to over $100 per person, according to the Washington Post.


Confirming the adjustment, a Carnival Corp. spokesperson stated, “Our total advertised price will now include all government-mandated taxes, fees, and port expenses.”

Likewise, Royal Caribbean Group announced updates to pricing displays nationwide, ensuring that pricing on Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises will encompass all required taxes and fees.

While some cruise lines like Disney Cruise Line already include extra taxes and fees in initial pricing, representatives for Holland America Line and Norwegian Cruise Line have not yet commented on the matter.

While port fees and mandatory expenses must be disclosed in advertised prices, discretionary charges like gratuities, which many cruise lines automatically apply, will not be subject to this requirement.



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