Bunq and Qover Streamline Global Travel Insurance

by Alice

Dutch digital bank Bunq has partnered with Qover to offer a groundbreaking travel insurance solution aimed at digital nomads. This collaboration introduces a one-time activation insurance plan, simplifying the process for travelers.

By teaming up with Qover, an embedded insurance provider, Bunq enhances its banking services. Users on the Easy Bank Pro XL plan receive automatic worldwide travel coverage with a single activation, eliminating the need to repeatedly purchase insurance for each trip.


Enhancements in AI and User Experience

Bunq has also upgraded its AI assistant, Finn, making it fully conversational. This allows Finn to provide detailed financial insights and personalized travel recommendations.


Ali Niknam, Bunq’s founder and CEO, highlighted the convenience this feature brings, stating: “We use the latest tech to make our users’ lives easier. We’re excited to see Finn embraced in daily use, now solving up to 40% of user support queries and assisting with 75% of daily interactions.”


The integration of Qover’s insurance capabilities within the Bunq app includes a streamlined claims process and easily accessible travel certificates, reflecting a commitment to seamless user experience.

Quentin Colmant, CEO and Co-Founder of Qover, noted, “Our partnership with Bunq focuses on delivering an exceptional user experience. This goes beyond the insurance product, incorporating superior AI-powered customer support and a simplified claims process.”

Setting a New Standard

Bunq’s foray into the travel insurance market, combined with its AI advancements, underscores its mission to cater to the needs of digital nomads. Prioritizing user convenience and data transparency, Bunq and Qover are redefining the integration of banking and insurance services.



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