AirAsia Philippines Expects Robust Travel Demand in 2024

by Alice

Manila, Philippines – AirAsia Philippines anticipates a strong second half of 2024, buoyed by increased willingness among Filipinos to invest in travel experiences.

A recent study conducted by travel platform Klook revealed that over 70% of Filipinos are inclined to allocate more funds towards airline tickets, accommodations, and activities this year. While domestic travel remains popular for quick getaways, a significant 76% of Filipinos express readiness for international travel.


In a recent collaboration with Klook, AirAsia Philippines, renowned as the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline, aims to promote Japan’s popular tourist attractions.


Notably, AirAsia Philippines’ Q2 load factor demonstrates significant traction, with 78.9% of bookings attributed to Filipino travelers heading to international destinations such as Taipei, Bangkok, Narita, Osaka, and Incheon, until June 2024.


Steve Dailisan, AirAsia’s Head of Communications and Public Affairs, and First Officer emphasized the airline’s commitment to providing affordable travel deals across 10 ASEAN countries and 130 destinations. Dailisan highlighted the company’s agility in responding to evolving market trends by offering tailored deals that cater to diverse travel needs.

With a running load factor surpassing 80% as of May 13, AirAsia is optimistic about exceeding its Q1 load factor of 92%, especially with last-minute summer trips gaining momentum. The airline’s monthly promotions and sales play a pivotal role in influencing travel decisions, particularly for spontaneous bookings.

Moreover, AirAsia Philippines is ramping up its flight frequency from the Cebu hub to Boracay and Davao, now operating daily. Flights to various domestic destinations continue to depart from Manila via NAIA T2, with frequencies ranging from 3 to 9 times daily. Additionally, international flights departing from NAIA T3 to destinations such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Osaka, Seoul, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Narita, and Macau operate between 3 to 14 times weekly.



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