Southwest Expands Reach to Bahamas from Major U.S. Hub

by Alice

Traveling to the Bahamas just got more convenient this summer with Southwest Airlines’ latest announcement.

Starting Tuesday, June 4, Southwest will commence seasonal flights from its key hub in Orlando to Nassau. The new route, disclosed on Monday, will operate daily until August 4, offering a direct link for Central Florida residents during the peak summer season.


This addition to Southwest’s route network signals a strategic adjustment in its Bahamas service. Currently, the airline operates a daily flight between Fort Lauderdale and Nassau, which is set to conclude on Monday, June 3, only to resume the next day from Orlando.


The Orlando-Nassau route will be serviced by a Boeing 737-700 aircraft boasting 143 seats, with a swift travel time of just 1.5 hours. Departure from Orlando is scheduled for 11:55 a.m., arriving in Nassau at 1:55 p.m., while the return leg departs Nassau at 2:20 p.m., landing in Orlando at 3:55 p.m.


It’s noteworthy that competition exists on this route, with JetBlue and Bahamasair also operating daily flights between Orlando and Nassau. Southwest’s extensive network spans over 50 destinations across the U.S. and Caribbean.

This route expansion coincides with Southwest’s achievement of being ranked the top airline for customer satisfaction in the economy or basic economy category for the third consecutive year, as per JD Power’s 2024 North America Airline Satisfaction Study.

Furthermore, Southwest introduces a new “Points + Cash” option to enhance affordability in flight bookings. Rapid Rewards members can now utilize as little as 1,000 points to offset a portion of their airfare. Until tomorrow, May 15, Southwest offers points at a 50 percent discount, enabling travelers to stock up on points for future flights.



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