Southwest customers can now pay with points and cash – all you need to know.

by Alice

Southwest Airlines has introduced a new payment option, allowing its Rapid Rewards loyalty program members to utilize a combination of cash and points for flight bookings.

As of the recent announcement, Southwest passengers can now pay for flights by merging cash with as few as 1,000 points. This flexible approach to payment, termed “Cash + Points,” grants travelers the opportunity to optimize their payment methods. To avail this option, customers need to select “Cash + Points” when exploring payment alternatives.


Moreover, the “Cash + Points” feature extends beyond flight bookings, offering the same flexibility for hotel reservations made through the airline.


However, it’s essential to acknowledge that while travelers utilizing this blended payment method won’t earn Rapid Rewards points, tier qualifying points for A-List or A-List Preferred status, or Companion Pass qualifying points, their flights will still contribute to the qualifying one-way flights required for A-List, A-List Preferred, and Companion Pass status.


Phil Gouel, Southwest’s vice president of travel products, emphasized the airline’s commitment to enhancing the travel experience for its customers, stating, “Our Purpose is to connect People to the places that matter most to them by offering a seamless travel experience. These enhancements allow Members additional opportunities to redeem their earned points for hotel stays, with more flexibility and more value.”

This development coincides with Southwest’s ongoing promotion, where Rapid Rewards members can purchase points at a discounted rate of 50 percent off until May 15. Points can be acquired in increments of 1,000.

For travelers deliberating between using points or their credit card for flight payments, a helpful tool is available in the form of a free browser extension called Points Path. This extension assists users in comparing airline miles and cash prices across major carriers, aiding them in making informed decisions regarding their bookings.



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