Frontier Airlines Launches “1 Million Seats” Sale, Offering Flights Starting at $19

by Alice

Frontier Airlines has initiated its much-anticipated “1 Million Seats” fare sale, enticing travelers with deals commencing at a remarkable $19. This limited-time promotion, set to conclude on Monday, April 29, extends enticing offers to a multitude of sought-after destinations within Frontier’s expansive network, encompassing cities such as Atlanta, Austin, New York, and Orlando.

While this fare extravaganza promises substantial discounts, passengers should take heed of certain restrictions governing the utilization of these tickets. Eligible flights under the sale are limited to Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, spanning from May 10 through June 30, and subsequently from August 15 through October 31. Notably, international destinations, Florida locales, and Las Vegas entail additional booking constraints.


Frontier spokesperson Jennifer de la Cruz remarked, “This sale presents an excellent opportunity to secure budget-friendly airfare for a belated spring, late summer, or autumn escapade.” She further emphasized the airline’s recent expansion efforts, highlighting the introduction of new routes across the United States, Caribbean, and beyond, thereby presenting an array of enticing options for travelers.


Notably, the advertised $19 fares are exclusively available to members of Frontier’s premium subscription program, Discount Den. This annual subscription, priced at $59.99, grants subscribers access to supplementary discounts and perks, including complimentary tickets for children. For non-members, fares start at $29.


Here are some sample fares:

Atlanta, GA to/from Chicago, IL: $19 for members, $29 for non-members

Austin, TX to/from Denver, CO: $19 for members, $29 for non-members

Nashville, TN to/from Dallas, TX: $19 for members, $29 for non-members

Charlotte, NC to/from Orlando, FL: $19 for members, $29 for non-members

Denver, CO to/from San Antonio, TX: $19 for members, $29 for non-members

Orlando, FL to/from Philadelphia, PA: $19 for members, $29 for non-members

San Juan, PR to/from St. Thomas, VI: $19 for members, $29 for non-members

It’s important to note that Frontier’s discounted fares mirror the offerings of basic economy tickets on major carriers. As such, supplementary charges apply for carry-on and checked baggage, and advanced seat assignments are not included.

Frontier Airlines, according to recent financial disclosures, served approximately 30.2 million passengers in 2023, marking a notable 19 percent increase compared to the previous year.



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