Frontier Airlines Tops List for Most Delays and Cancellations in U.S., Study Reveals

by Alice

Traveling can often be marred by the inconvenience of flight delays and cancellations, and recent findings shed light on the airlines most affected by these issues.

According to a comprehensive study conducted by NerdWallet and disclosed to Travel + Leisure, Frontier Airlines emerged as the carrier with the highest percentage of delayed flights in the United States last year. More than 30.7 percent of Frontier’s flights experienced some form of delay, surpassing its competitors in this aspect. Following closely behind, JetBlue faced delays in 30.4 percent of its flights, while Spirit Airlines encountered delays in over 28.5 percent of its flights during the same period.


The trend persisted with flight cancellations, with Frontier topping the list by canceling 2.13 percent of all its flights nationwide. JetBlue followed with 2.1 percent cancellations, trailed by Spirit Airlines with a cancellation rate of 1.7 percent.


Conversely, Delta Air Lines boasted the highest on-time performance among major U.S. carriers, with over 82.6 percent of its flights departing punctually. The airline reported a delay rate of just over 16.1 percent and a cancellation rate of merely 1.02 percent.


Alaska Airlines claimed the lowest cancellation rate nationwide, with a mere 0.81 percent of its flights experiencing cancellations.

Commenting on the findings, Sally French, one of the authors of the study, emphasized strategies to mitigate the impact of delays and cancellations. “While flight delays and cancellations are frustrating, there are some tactics you can employ to improve your odds of an on-time arrival,” French stated. “The single best thing you can do to lower your chances of delay or cancellation is to book the earliest flight in the day. That’s because the most common cause of delays in 2023 was simply that the aircraft arrived late from its previous destination.”

In addition to booking early flights, travelers are advised to select airlines with multiple daily flight options and opt for direct flights whenever feasible to minimize the risk of missed connections.

Furthermore, travelers can proactively check for potential delays before departing for the airport, thereby mitigating the frustration associated with travel disruptions. Additionally, packing essential items to enhance comfort during delays can help alleviate the inconvenience caused by unexpected interruptions to travel plans.



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