Princess Cruises cancels 9 sailings on its newest ship after delay to inaugural voyage

by Alice

Princess Cruises has announced the postponement of the inauguration of its latest ship, the Star Princess, leading to the cancellation of nine upcoming sailings. The delay stems from the cruise line’s decision to push back the delivery of the Star Princess by approximately two months, shifting the original start date from July 29, 2025, to September 26, 2025.

John Padgett, President of Princess Cruises, acknowledged the setback, noting the necessity for additional time to ensure that the Star Princess meets the high standards expected by guests.


Passengers who had booked voyages on the Star Princess have been presented with the option to either receive a full refund of their cruise fare or opt for rebooking on a future cruise, accompanied by onboard credit. Rebooking options include any Princess cruise, including future journeys on both the Star Princess and the recently launched Sun Princess.


Looking ahead, Princess Cruises intends to inaugurate the Star Princess with its new maiden voyage on October 4, 2025, featuring an 11-day itinerary along the Mediterranean roundtrip from Barcelona. Subsequent sailings include a 7-day Mediterranean trip on October 15 and a 14-day transatlantic crossing to Fort Lauderdale on October 22, followed by Caribbean itineraries. These cruises will become available for sale starting April 30.


Upon completion, the Star Princess will boast accommodations for 4,300 guests spread across 21 decks, offering over 29 bars and restaurants, along with amenities such as The Dome, a multi-level glass-enclosed covered deck, a two-story spa, an infinity pool, and more. The Star Princess will join the Sun Princess as the second vessel in Princess Cruises’ Sphere Class of ships.



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