“JetBlue Introduces Peak and Off-Peak Baggage Pricing, Marks Second Fee Hike in Recent Months”

by Alice

JetBlue has implemented a new baggage fee structure, introducing peak and off-peak pricing, marking its second increase in fees within a short span.

Effective March 22, JetBlue will charge passengers $50 for a first checked bag and $70 for a second during peak times. This pricing applies to travelers checking a bag within 24 hours of their departure and flying on the airline’s Blue, Blue Basic, or Blue Extra fares within the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, or Canada.


Peak season pricing covers travel periods from April 11 to April 29, June 20 to Sept. 3, Nov. 21 to Dec. 2, Dec. 19 to Jan. 6, Feb. 13 to Feb 24, and April 3 to April 28.


During off-peak times, passengers checking a bag within 24 hours of departure will pay $45 for a first bag and $60 for a second bag, aligning with the fee hike implemented in February.


Travelers who check a bag more than 24 hours before departure can avail a $10 discount on the fee.

For transatlantic flights on a Blue Basic fare, checking a bag within 24 hours of departure incurs fees starting at $70 for the first bag and $115 for the second bag during peak times. Passengers flying on Blue, Blue Plus, or Blue Extra fares receive their first checked bag for free.

A spokesperson for JetBlue attributed the fee adjustments to increased operational costs, including higher wages and fuel costs, compounded by the financial impacts of COVID-19. The spokesperson emphasized that while fee increases are regrettable, they are necessary to restore profitability and offset rising expenses. The adjustments are tailored to added services used by select customers, particularly during periods of high demand, ensuring base fares remain competitive and amenities like seatback TVs and high-speed Wi-Fi remain complimentary for all passengers.

JetBlue’s fee adjustment follows a trend among major airlines, with United Airlines, American Airlines, and Alaska Airlines also raising checked bag fees in recent times.



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