The green heart of Merida: Wayam Mundo Imperial

by Alice

Amidst the approaching Earth Day celebrations this April, the focus shifts to sustainability within the hospitality sector, with a particular spotlight on the boutique Wayam Mundo Imperial hotel leading the charge in environmental responsibility in Mérida, Mexico. Mérida, heralded as a rising star among travel destinations in 2024, promises a blend of safety and cultural richness for travelers.

Here are six compelling reasons why Wayam stands as the Green Heart of Mérida:

LEED Certification: Wayam proudly holds the distinction of being the first hotel in Mérida to achieve LEED Certification, underscoring its commitment to sustainable practices.


Energy Conservation: Leveraging state-of-the-art photovoltaic (PV) technology, Wayam significantly reduces energy consumption by 20% in critical areas like bathrooms and hallways. This feat is made possible through the installation of 165 solar panels spread across six buildings on the property.


Preservation and Respect: Rooted in a philosophy of preservation and respect for nature, Wayam integrates indigenous flora seamlessly into its design, ensuring the protection of ancient fruit trees and endemic vegetation. The construction of the property was meticulously carried out, prioritizing the conservation of existing trees as a non-negotiable aspect.


Strategic Window Placement: All windows at Wayam are strategically positioned to face eastward, mitigating heat absorption during sunsets and enhancing solar reflectivity, thus contributing to superior thermal insulation within the premises.

Innovative Water Management: Employing cutting-edge solutions such as electromagnetic systems and rainwater harvesting, Wayam effectively reduces water usage while simultaneously enhancing water quality. The hotel boasts two substantial cisterns, each capable of storing 24,000 gallons of rainwater, further bolstering its commitment to sustainable water management practices.

Locally Sourced Cuisine: Wayam’s culinary offering at its esteemed restaurant, Cuna, emphasizes locally sourced ingredients, eliminating the necessity for freezers and fostering a menu that showcases the richness of regional Mexican flavors. Additionally, guests can indulge in a specialized water menu featuring a selection of renowned Mexican waters.

With its unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and innovative sustainability initiatives, Wayam Mundo Imperial exemplifies the pinnacle of eco-conscious hospitality in Mérida, setting a commendable standard for the industry at large.



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