Hurtigruten Cruises Appoints First-Ever “Chief Aurora Chaser” and Extends Northern Lights Guarantee

by Alice

Oslo, Norway – Hurtigruten, a leading cruise line specializing in Norwegian coastal voyages and Arctic expeditions, has announced the appointment of Tom Kerss, a renowned astronomer and aurora expert, as its first-ever “Chief Aurora Chaser.” This unique role underscores the company’s commitment to providing unparalleled Northern Lights experiences for its guests.

Kerss will join select Hurtigruten sailings as an onboard expert, leading aurora-focused activities and events, including digital talks, webinars, and workshops. His expertise will enrich the guest experience by not only providing opportunities to witness the breathtaking phenomenon but also unraveling the scientific and cultural stories behind it.


“With Tom Kerss as our Chief Aurora Chaser, we’re taking our Northern Lights commitment to new heights,” stated Hurtigruten CEO Hedda Felin. “Together, we’re revolutionizing the Northern Lights experience, offering guests an unparalleled opportunity to witness this breathtaking phenomenon in the most immersive way imaginable.”


In addition to this groundbreaking appointment, Hurtigruten has extended its Northern Lights Guarantee to mid-September. This guarantee offers guests who book select 11-day or longer voyages a free Coastal Express Classic Voyage if they don’t witness the aurora borealis during their trip. Previously available only for October departures, this extension reflects Hurtigruten’s confidence in its ability to deliver exceptional aurora viewing experiences.


This news comes alongside other exciting developments for the cruise line, including the relaunch of its Svalbard Express route and the introduction of an all-inclusive offering on HX expedition cruises. These initiatives demonstrate Hurtigruten’s dedication to providing unique and unforgettable experiences for its guests.

With its focus on immersive aurora experiences, extended guarantee, and innovative offerings, Hurtigruten is positioning itself as the ultimate choice for travelers seeking to witness the magic of the Northern Lights.



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