Reimagined Beachfront Suite Collection Debuts at W Punta de Mita

by Alice

W Punta de Mita proudly unveils its newly reimagined beachfront suite collection following a comprehensive $3 million renovation, marking a significant enhancement to the property. Comprising eight redesigned suites and one innovative E-Wow two-story suite, this collection of nine-room keys, each featuring private plunge pools, offers guests an enticing opportunity to rediscover W.

Nestled along the resort’s picturesque adults-only pool and secluded beach, renowned for its exceptional surf breaks in Mexico’s coveted Riviera Nayarit, the refreshed suites exude a sophisticated aesthetic that celebrates the region’s natural splendor and embodies its destination-driven ethos.


Conceived as an avenue to infuse local traditions into the property, the suites draw inspiration from Riviera Nayarit’s rich history, echoing the legend of local tribes seeking refuge from the Spanish conquest in the mountains. With an aim to foster a deeper connection between travelers and the region’s flora and culture, the suites seamlessly integrate design elements that reflect the destination’s essence. Renovated to evoke feelings of serenity, balance, and inner peace, the designers meticulously incorporate local and natural resources into the expansive beachfront accommodations, including indigenous stones, sumptuous woods, and traditional textiles.


Custom décor sourced from Riviera Nayarit artisans immerses guests in the heritage of the native Huichol tribe, infusing bursts of vibrant colors and whimsical touches that pay homage to the area’s bohemian surf culture. Offering a fully immersive sensory experience, each suite welcomes guests with a spacious, open-air bathroom adorned with lush foliage and a freestanding tub. Flooded with natural light, the bathroom floors feature a mosaic of smooth, rounded stones, juxtaposed with warm wood cabinetry and refined coastal accents.


The ocean-facing bedrooms boast oversized floor-to-ceiling glass doors, inviting guests to explore their private gardens and patios, complete with plunge pools—a perfect setting for a tranquil morning floating breakfast.

The suite collection comprises five Marvelous Suites, two Wow Suites with private rooftops offering unparalleled ocean vistas, and the redesigned signature E-Wow Suite—a pinnacle of luxury within the renovated property. Spanning 3,626 square feet, this two-bedroom private E-Wow beach house offers a tropical sanctuary, featuring an open kitchen with white marble walls and countertops, an oceanfront living and dining area, and an expansive rooftop patio boasting 360-degree views of the Mexican Riviera.



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