United Airlines Tackles Overhead Bin Space Crunch with Larger Bins on Select Aircraft

by Alice

Chicago, IL – [Date] – In a move aimed at alleviating the perennial struggle for overhead bin space, United Airlines has announced the rollout of larger overhead bins on select Embraer E175 regional jets. This upgrade, affecting 50 SkyWest-operated E175s by the end of 2024, promises to significantly increase carry-on capacity and improve the boarding experience for passengers.

With the new bins, these 76-seat aircraft will accommodate nearly 30 additional carry-on bags, representing an impressive 80% increase in storage space. This translates to an estimated one million fewer passengers needing to gate-check their bags annually.


“Customer feedback on the new overhead bins and signature interiors has been overwhelmingly positive,” remarked Linda Jojo, United’s Chief Customer Officer. “By minimizing the need for gate-checking, we’re seeing a boost in gate and boarding satisfaction. This initiative exemplifies our commitment to delivering an industry-leading experience for all our customers, regardless of their flight route.”


This upgrade coincides with United’s recent increase in checked baggage fees, further incentivizing travelers to pack light and utilize carry-on luggage.


United’s ongoing efforts to expand overhead bin space extend beyond the E175 fleet, with similar upgrades planned for its Boeing 737 family of narrowbody aircraft.

Passengers are reminded that United’s carry-on size restrictions remain unchanged, with bags permitted to be no larger than 9″ x 14″ x 22″, including handles and wheels.

This initiative by United Airlines addresses a common passenger pain point and promises to enhance the overall travel experience by streamlining boarding processes and reducing the need for gate-checked luggage.



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