Mattel Announces Opening of Second Adventure Park in Kansas City, Featuring ‘Larger-than-life’ Barbie Beach House

by Alice

Kansas City is set to welcome the enchanting world of Mattel as the iconic toy company unveils plans for its second Adventure Park, slated to open its doors in 2026.

With an aim to breathe life into its renowned portfolio of brands, Mattel disclosed its intention to establish an innovative resort destination in Bonner Springs, Kansas, situated approximately 22 miles from downtown Kansas City, MO. This venture marks the second installment of its kind, following the anticipated inauguration of the first Mattel Adventure Park in Arizona in 2024.


The forthcoming Kansas City park promises a captivating experience for visitors, inviting them to immerse themselves in the fantastical realms of Barbie and the exhilarating universe of Hot Wheels, alongside other cherished Mattel brands such as Pictionary and UNO.


Among the park’s highlights are two exhilarating Hot Wheels roller coasters, including the double-looping Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer and the Hot Wheels Bone Shaker, adorned with the iconic hot rod’s skull motif. Notably, guests can anticipate the grandeur of a “larger-than-life” Barbie Beach House, serving as a centerpiece attraction. Here, visitors will encounter a Barbie-themed flying theater, an interactive retail emporium, and The Barbie Rooftop restaurant and bar, where hologram technology will animate the iconic doll’s presence, providing an unforgettable experience.


From family-friendly rides inspired by beloved Mattel brands like Thomas & Friends: World of Sodor to a Magic 8 Ball-themed mini golf course and a custom climb UNO structure, the park promises an array of immersive attractions catering to all ages. Moreover, fans of Masters of the Universe can engage in epic laser tag battles with He-Man vs. Skeletor Laser Tag, set within a sprawling arena reminiscent of the iconic Castle Grayskull fortress.

Josh Silverman, Chief Franchise Officer at Mattel, expressed enthusiasm for the expansion of themed entertainment destinations, emphasizing the opportunity to introduce new audiences to the captivating world of Mattel. Mark Cornell, President of Epic Resort Destinations, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the park’s commitment to delivering unparalleled entertainment experiences for families.

Further details and a glimpse into the wonders of Mattel Adventure Park are anticipated in the near future. The project represents a licensing collaboration between Mattel, Inc. and Epic Resort Destinations, promising a magical journey for visitors seeking adventure and nostalgia alike.



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